The Three Details You Miss, but a Patient Notices!

The Three Details You Miss, but a Patient Notices!

In the course of your practice, I'm sure you've realized that though you're an adept, well-priced professional, this is not always enough. What more can you do to gain a patient’s trust? Perhaps you haven’t considered three key details that can make or break your practice. What are they? Read on and find out.

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Your patients' decisions are often shaped by factors you might not normally consider. To gain a patient, however, you must think like a patient. If you continue ignoring such considerations, you’ll only have yourself to blame each time a prospective patient goes looking for another doctor.

What Three Do You Need to Pay Attention To?

The first impression arises much earlier than you might guess!

You always hear about the importance of first impressions. You probably believe in first impressions; correctly so too. You may also think, however, that your prospective patients’ first impression occurs when you meet. You'd be wrong. They will investigate you. They’ll look up your website. And many will read the reviews written about you. If there are any negative reviews this can hurt your business. So, you're going to have to familiarize yourself with those reviews.

Dental reviews

How Do You Treat Your Assistant?

While your patients wait in the chair, they listen to every little thing you say. That is, the way you talk to your assistant. They’re watching too. Watching your body language.

This is what they’re looking for:

  • ● Is there harmony between you?
  • ● Are you aware of what you're saying?
  • ● Are you patronizing?
  • ● Do you respect each other?

When a well-communicating dentist is respectful to his or her dental assistant this both calms patients and increases their confidence. For instance, even if you're nice to the patient but treat your assistant poorly, you will still leave a strong negative impression. Take care of that.

Dental Assistant

Do you notice if your patient doesn't understand you?

This is probably one of the most difficult points of the three, as it requires a lot of attention and increased empathy on your part.

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How do you ensure your patient understands everything?

Always be sure to ask questions, especially if your patient isn’t. Questions are very important because you can use them to check if the patient understands what you're talking about. Ask often and ask about specific things. Further, when you consult your patient, monitor his or her reactions. Be attentive. If patients nod when they shouldn't, they don’t understand you. You've got to look for these moments and ensure you address them, in an easy-going, natural manner. Have a light touch but be thorough.

If these questions are left unanswered, you can easily lose your prospective patient.

Dental patient education

In conclusion, makes a good impression: maintain your web appearance, good relations with your assistant, and ask a lot of questions, and register reactions. If you practice this, you're on track for many high-paying, returning patients.

What can you do to make your consultations and treatments even better?

Since your prospective patients hope to see a treatment plan and a specific price during the consultation, you can win gratitude and admiration by promptly providing this. This is where the DentiCalc app, which is specifically designed to present any courses of treatments and calculate for pinpoint-pricing, instantly.

This app can help facilitate those three key details mentioned above, helping you earn trust and garner a strong reputation with an impeccable web presence. Which brings us full circle.

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