Make Your Patients Happy to Pay

Make Your Patients Happy to Pay

As a dentist, you are never in an easy situation balancing the best care your profession can offer against what your patient expects, much less expects to pay. Can you help your patients feel satisfied with the cost of their treatment? In this article, we will show you five steps to achieve this!

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Nothing good comes from assuming the price in the patient’s mind matches the treatments’ actual cost. Why? Because if you aren’t clear upfront your patient will inevitably feel like you’ve overpriced the treatment. And then you lose their trust. If this happens frequently you risk developing a bad reputation.

Dentist-patient communication

You Need to Communicate a Price!

First and foremost, you need to communicate the price of treatment in each case.

However, I would not recommend that you immediately thrust your price list under their noses either! This part of the decision-making process can be overwhelming. Handled with finesse, a patient on a budget may choose a good alternative treatment at a lower price point.

So, how do you help patients feel comfortable with what they pay for treatment?

5 Steps You Need to Take!

Always give your reasons at every consultation.

Start directly with the patient’s problem and explain its cause. Express yourself clearly, avoid unnecessary or confusing technical jargon. Demonstrate, for instance, how an ordinary tooth should look and work and then ask the patient how it feels now?

Use more tools in the consultation!

If you have a monitor or tablet, use it. I suggest going to the chair with the patient and using the device to explain the situation in detail. Show the problem as well as the solution. When you zoom in on an image, the patient will see the problem clearer.

A pleasant atmosphere creates a good relationship with the patient!

When you explain, sit close. Be convivial. Be careful also to turn off the chair lamp or fold it aside. The patient will appreciate your attentiveness.

Your patient needs more than clinical treatment, but also compassion!

Many patients go through serious mental gymnastics before taking the first step to solve their dental problem. You must be the one who reassures them that they have made the right decision. If you pay attention to this detail you will have a devoted patient!

Present solution options and outline the prices.

If they understand what is needed and how much it will cost, then they will find it easier to accept the total price for treatment. And their confidence in you will remain! You will not be disappointed.

Dentist-patient communication

But there’s one more important thing you can’t forget!

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When You Say the Price, Don't Be Afraid!

When you get to the point in the consultation that you have to name a price be confident. Patients recognize uncertainty this and will lose faith in you. Without confidence in your professionalism, you won’t garner much clientele!

Decide How Much Your Patient Can Pay

Most patients believe they can’t pay much for their treatment. Yet most patients will pay much more if they consider their problem important enough. That’s why you need to show them how much their treatment depends on your skills. If they understand all this and feel the true weight of their problem, they will think less about the price, as they will want to avoid any complications.

Dentist-patient communication

That’s exactly why it’s important to stick to the steps above. These will help more patients happy to choose you!

Problem Telling Your Patient the Exact Price?

We know full well that every patient needs individual treatment and you don’t have an easy task if you want to tell him or her a price while sitting in a chair.

That’s why we’ve developed the DentiCalc app, specifically designed to make it easier for dentists to fully detail the treatment and calculate a pinpoint price instantly. With this app, your patients will easily understand why you are their best choice. Further, they will rest assured that you have provided a fair and accurate price.

Try it NOW!

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