DentiCalc - the Dental Calculator


The mobile application
for Dental Professionals

DentiCalc - 4 dental apps in 1


The mobile application for Dental Professionals

Available for Android and iOS

DentiCalc includes:


Delivers 1000+ photos and patient education materials such as dental problems and treatment procedures.
Dental treatment animations


Categorized according to different fields of dentistry.
Dental videos

Patient education materials

Explain treatments that are awaiting for your patients.
Dental treatment animations

Before-after images

Help your patients in choosing the option that is the most suitable for them.

DentiCalc includes:


Your patients will understand treatments better with the help of 100+ patient education videos and dental animations.
Dental treatment animations

Unique dental videos

Zirconium light transmission, full bridge process, sinus lift, etc...
Dental videos

Continously growing

New videos are added each month.

DentiCalc includes:


A revolutionary consultation tool to help dental professionals to present the procedures of different treatments and give prices chairside to their patients.
Dental treatment animations

Cutting-edge animations

Explain personalized treatments to your patients step-by-step.
Dental videos

Millions of combinations

Whether your patient needs a four-unit bridge or a full jaw restoration, you can visualize these with a few clicks.
Dental treatment animations

More options in one go

Calculate with different types and materials.

DentiCalc includes:


It is a unique dental treatment calculator that gives estimated prices to patients in seconds so they can choose according to their budget.
Dental treatment animations

Prices in seconds

Give a firm idea of what your patient could expect for costs.
Dental videos


You can add your own prices and further treatments can be added to the pre-set price list.

Award winning app

from a renowned company



Dentists who already enjoying DentiCalc's benefits

Dr. Adrián Montiel
Implantologist & clinic owner

"DentiCalc is greatly facilitated the office time and shortened the consultations. The patients are lead through the process in a graphical yet sensible way."
Dr. Ashish Ashok
Owner of 3 multichair practices

"With DentiCalc I can explain the treatments in very short duration. Under one or two minutes the patient can understand the procedure and it’s outcome."
Dr. Dennis Ferrara
Dental Surgeon
United States

" With DentiCalc I can calculate and explain treatments to my patients in seconds, and I know they have a clear understanding of what they heard."
Dr. Alexandr Terleckiy
Clinic owner & lead dentist

"I use DentiCalc every day to explain the treatments, the changes we will make and the final result to the patients in the easiest way."
Dr. Antal Zorn
General dentist

"With the use of DentiCalc app I can discuss everything in the first consultation make a treatment plan in less than a minute, which is amazing."
Dr. José Ribas Kendrick Neto
Dental surgeon, orthodontist

"It adds a lot of value to the initial consultation. It does the calculation for me and illustrates that treatment process we are going to have."