Identifying and Fixing Problems in the Mouth

Identifying and Fixing Problems in the Mouth

In some cases, patients are not even aware that they have a dental issue that requires immediate care. Here’s how DentiCalc can help you identify, explain and fix dental problems with your patient.

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Identifying the Disconnect

As dental professionals, we sometimes forget that patients do not see things with a clinical eye, as we do.

There are many cases in which patients are presented with a treatment plan and are in disbelief that they are in need of said work.

Many people have the misconception that as long as they do not feel any pain in the mouth, their teeth are in good condition. When told otherwise, patients might be hesitant to commit to treatment. They may question why they have been recommended for extensive dental work when their teeth “feel perfectly fine”.

While this can be frustrating, it’s certainly understandable; it’s important that you have access to information and resources that will help confirm that your patient has made the right choice in trusting you with their dental health.

Identifying and Fixing Problems in the Mouth

How Can DentiCalc Help?

DentiCalc was designed to close the gap in both communication and information between dentists and their patients.

Our revolutionary mobile application is equipped with a massive inventory of informative animations, videos, and pictures that will help you inform and connect with your patients.

Using DentiCalc’s incredible visual tools, you will be better-equipped for explaining your patient’s situation and ensuring that they understand just how important it is to follow through with the treatment they need.

DentiCalc for iOS for Android for iOS and Android
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You can use DentiCalc to show your patients examples of the dental issues that they are experiencing, such as:

  • Gum disease
  • Broken root tips
  • Damage or decay
  • Bone recession
  • Lesions or other abnormalities in the oral tissues
  • Impacted teeth

Using DentiCalc, you can provide your patient not only with a visual representation of what is ailing them, but with a visual representation of what they can expect to see once they follow through with treatment, as well.

Personal Experience

When I worked in the field as a dental assistant, I was present in the operatory for many conversations in which the patient was shocked to learn that they needed some form of dental treatment, as they weren’t experiencing any pain or discomfort.

In situations such as this, extensive and sometimes exasperating explanations were needed in order to help the patient understand exactly what was being proposed to them. Whether it was the patient being hard-headed or just simply not understanding, it was common for there to be some type of disconnect that complicated things.

Looking back, having access to DentiCalc’s incredible program would have helped immensely in stressing to our patient that they did in fact have an issue that needed to be addressed, and that they could expect a positive and attractive outcome if they choose to commit to their treatment plan.

Identifying and Fixing Problems in the Mouth

For dental professionals who are looking to close the communication gap and help patients understand their treatment, DentiCalc is an incredible solution.

Download the app today and empower every consultation with professionalism, expertise, and confidence.

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