Explaining Wisdom Teeth Removal To Your Patients

Explaining Wisdom Teeth Removal To Your Patients

If you have a patient who is facing wisdom teeth removal, it’s crucial that they fully understand all aspects of their recommended treatment before choosing to move forward. Continue reading for tips on explaining wisdom tooth removal to your patients.

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Identifying the Disconnect

Most people are familiar with what wisdom teeth are, and that it’s quite common for them to require extraction. What most people do not commonly know is why wisdom teeth need to be extracted, and what they can expect before, during and after their treatment.

It’s important to explain to your patients that:

  • Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted to alleviate future crowding issues or to prepare the mouth for orthodontic intervention
  • Wisdom teeth may be removed because they are causing damage to adjacent teeth
  • Most dentists opt to remove all four wisdom teeth at once, but there are scenarios in which only two select teeth will be removed, or they will be removed a few teeth at a time due to the patient’s needs or discretion
  • It is not always necessary to have wisdom teeth removed; if they don’t pose a risk to the patient, they may be left in the mouth

How DentiCalc Can Help

Providing your patient with informative visual aids to accompany their treatment consultation is perhaps one of the best things you can do to ensure that your patient fully understands what is being presented to them.

DentiCalc is an immersive mobile app designed by dentists, for dentists. It features a massive library of videos, illustrations and photographs that you can present to your patient to better help them understand their treatment.

Explaining Wisdom Teeth Removal To Your Patients

To help your patient understand why they need to undergo wisdom teeth removal and what their treatment means for them, make use of the images and videos on DentiCalc’s application with ease as you discuss treatment. It’s never been easier to provide your patient with the resources they need.

Personal Experience

As I previously worked in an office that offered oral surgery services, I have plenty of experience working with patients to plan their wisdom tooth removal.

In some instances, we would have a bit of difficulty explaining to patients just why they needed to have their wisdom teeth removed. If we were planning extractions due to projected crowding in the future, it would be a bit hard to explain to the patient that their teeth would, in fact, begin to shift over time.

Explaining Wisdom Teeth Removal To Your Patients

Had we had access to DentiCalc’s incredible platform, we could have easily showed our patients exactly what was projected to happen overtime; a visual aid can be extremely helpful for patients to wrap their heads around the treatment they need.

DentiCalc provides a way to connect with and inform your patients in a simple yet unprecedented way; it is sure to become one of your most trusted tools for providing your patients with top-tier dental care.

DentiCalc was created for dental professionals like you to help break the barriers between dentist and patient.

DentiCalc for iOS for Android for iOS and Android
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