Explaining Implant Treatment

Explaining Implant Treatment

Implants are a shining example of the incredible things that modern dentistry can accomplish. DentiCalc is here to help you ensure that your patients are well-informed about their implant treatment to help promote treatment commitment and patient satisfaction.

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Identifying the Issue

Many people are familiar with the term “dental implant”, but aren’t quite sure what it is, or what it means for them.

Many people don’t know that a dental implant provides the closest imitation to a natural tooth possible, and can make a world of difference in their confidence by discreetly filling their smile line.

Dentist-patient communication

Of course, you know that your patients can benefit greatly from implant treatment; it’s important that they know this to be a fact, as well; this will greatly increase their chances of committing to treatment.

The basis of a strong relationship with your patients comes down to communication and trust; taking the time to inform your patients about their recommended treatment and ensuring that they understand what it means for them is a crucial part of showing them that their experience is as important to you as their dental health.

Explaining Implant to Your Patients

Consider what would motivate your patient to move forward with implant placement. While of course your main priority is to ensure that your patients maintain the best oral health possible, most people approach their dental treatment wondering what they can personally gain out of it.

Explain to your patient that implants:

  1. Preserve bone levels over time
  2. Almost perfectly mimic natural tooth structure
  3. Have the potential to last a lifetime
  4. Are easy to clean and maintain at home
  5. Prevent teeth from shifting
  6. Maintain facial appearance (no “sunken-in” look)

Allowing your patient to fully understand how they will benefit from their treatment is a great way to encourage treatment acceptance.

DentiCalc for iOS for Android for iOS and Android
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How Can DentiCalc Help?

90% of learning is visual, so it only makes sense to incorporate visual aids into treatment plan presentations between dentists and patients.

DentiCalc is an innovative application designed to help close the communication and information gap between dentists and patients by providing eye-catching and informative visual aids for the treatment plan presentation.

In most cases, allowing your patients to physically see how the implant will be placed as well as how it will look in the mouth after placement is a fantastic way to allow them to fully understand the treatment.

Simply download the app to your mobile device or tablet and gain immediate access to countless animations, videos, and diagrams that will help you present and explain your patient’s recommended treatment.

Dentist-patient communicationPhoto by DentiCalc

With the help of DentiCalc, you will undoubtedly gain the trust of your patients and be well on your way to helping them fully understand the importance of committing to their implant treatment.

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