Help Patients Understand Their Treatment with Visual Aids

Help Patients Understand Their Treatment with Visual Aids

Making sure your patients fully understand their treatment plan will help them understand the importance of committing to having treatment completed. Here’s how visual aids can help.

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Where’s the Disconnect?

Here at DentiCalc, we’re on a mission to eliminate the disconnect between patient and dentist during treatment planning.

We’ve found that the disconnect typically forms simply due to the fact that there’s a bit of a gray area between what the dentist presents to their patient and what the patient is able to process with the bit of information they’ve been presented.

Of course, dentists undergo years of extensive training and schooling to develop a solid understanding of various treatment methods and the reasoning behind them. They know that their patients will benefit from the treatment they’ve planned; for them, it’s simple fact.

Typically, the average patient has a slight grasp on what they think certain treatments entail, usually gathering bits and pieces of information they learn through television, movies, conversations with friends or loved ones about certain dental procedures, and so on.

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For someone who has no clinical dental training, it can be a bit overwhelming to process why they need a root canal, what they can expect to experience during treatment, and really, what a root canal even is.

We saw the need for a simple, easy-to-use application that would help bridge this communication gap, and thus, DentiCalc was born.

Identifying the Differences

Full bridges are used in the case that the patient wishes to avoid dentures, but needs to replace the entirety of the teeth on one arch or another. The treatment that is right for them is dependent on a few different things, but it’s important that your patient understands the key differences before they move forward with treatment.

During your treatment plan presentation, be sure that your patient is aware of the following:

What You See is What You Get

65 percent of the world’s population are visual learners. Visual aids are much more stimulating than verbal information alone, and it is clinically proven that the storage of long-term memory is strengthened with the pairing of meaningful and informational images.

Providing visual aids when explaining treatment to patients allows them to form a concrete understanding of the information, and gives them something tangible to refer back to when they remember the information later on.

DentiCalc’s Visual Approach

DentiCalc’s intelligent program is outfitted with countless videos and animations that make it easy for your patients to get a solid understanding of the information that they’re being presented with.

Dentist-patient communication

As you explain the treatment to your patient, use DentiCalc’s interactive diagram to plan it out before their eyes, allowing them to see exactly where the treatment will be done in the mouth. Our easy-to-use planner application allows you to virtually plan the teeth for crowns, bridges, root canals, implants, and more.

After you’ve done this, you can move on to our extensive library of informative videos, which were designed especially to present treatment in a simple and easy-to-understand way with the use of cutting-edge dental animations.

Combining your clinical dental expertise with DentiCalc’s groundbreaking system of visual aids will undoubtedly provide your patient with the information they need to completely understand their treatment plan and develop a stronger level of trust in your expertise. Once you’ve achieved this, the possibilities for developing a strong lifelong relationship with your patients are endless.

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