Metal vs. Composite Posts

Metal vs. Composite Posts

When helping your patient decide between metal and composite posts for their bridge or crown treatment, it’s important to make sure that they completely understand the differences between the two materials.

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Identifying the Issue

In many cases, a simple lack of information can be the root cause for patients avoiding following through with the treatment they need, or choosing a treatment method that may not be the best for them.

This is something that can quickly be fixed by taking a few extra steps to ensure that the patient fully understands their proposed treatment plan.

Dentist-patient communication

Explaining the Difference to Your Patient

Before you explain the differences between the different types of posts used during bridge or crown preparation, it may be a good idea to first explain what a post is, as well as why your patient needs it.

Explain to your patient that the placement of a post helps tremendously with preserving the integrity of the buildup material that is placed inside the tooth prior to the placement of a crown. It can be extremely beneficial when used after a root canal, or when the tooth has broken down to the gumline.

It is important to then explain:

  1. Metal posts are extremely durable, but may post the risk for fracture over time
  2. Composite posts face a lower risk for fracture due to their ability to brace high amounts of stress with little friction, but may not prove to be as durable as metal posts
  3. Teeth restored with a metal post may experience sensitivity to hot and cold

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How Can DentiCalc Help?

The human brain processes information much more efficiently when there is a visual aid present to accompany the information. In fact, 90% of all learning is visual.

When taking this into consideration, it certainly highlights the importance of providing your patient with some sort of visual aid to help them process the information.

DentiCalc is a revolutionary application that is outfitted with a wide selection of informative videos, animations, and diagrams that you can use to supplement your verbal treatment explanation to your patient to ensure that they get the most out of their consultation with you.

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The app can easily and quickly be downloaded to any tablet or mobile device and can be launched in seconds, giving you immediate access to visual aids that will help your patients develop a full understanding of the treatment that you are proposing for them.

To aid in the process of explaining the difference between metal and composite posts, DentiCalc offers comprehensive videos covering each treatment method that will provide your patient with key information that they can use to make a decision about what treatment option is best for them.

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