Everything You Need to Know as a New Dentist

Everything You Need to Know as a New Dentist

After years of schooling and hard work, finally entering the field as a practicing dentist may feel like a dream. You’ll learn many things during your first year of work in the field, but there are some things that you’d do well to learn now. Here’s everything you need to know as a new dentist.

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Don’t Compare

Everyone’s journey is different. Your experiences during your first year working in the field with your patients is just the beginning of a long and rewarding career, and it’s the time in which all dental professionals spend time learning the ropes and getting their bearings.

Everything You Need to Know as a New Dentist

It’s important not to compare your journey or experiences with another individual. From the outside looking in, it’s easy to think that another dentist got a “better” start than you, or that they were more successful at the same point in their career.

The truth is that the person you’re comparing yourself to likely went through their own trials and tribulations, quite similar to the ones that you face yourself. Comparing your journey to theirs does nothing but distract you from progressing. The key to success is to focus on yourself, your performance, and your relationships with your patients. The rest will fall in line.

Life Outside Dentistry

While you certainly worked incredibly hard for new career, it is absolutely crucial to remember to maintain your life outside of your work.

Devoting all of your time and energy to your job can be draining, especially as you navigate the trials of your first year in practice. Remember to keep up with relationships, friendships, and activities that you love to do.

Everything You Need to Know as a New Dentist

People Skills

Personal interactions with patients are a daily occurence. During your years practicing in dentistry, it’s likely that you’ll meet all types of individuals from different walks of life. Knowing how to communicate and build a relationship with each one of them is invaluable.

The dentist’s chair isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite place to be. As your patient’s trusted dental professional, it’s your job to ease their worries and provide them with an enjoyable experience that will encourage them to continue to return.

While of course it’s important to ensure that your clinical and technical skills are up to par, it’s just as important - if not more - to ensure that your people skills hit the mark, as well.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t overwork yourself; cramming patients into your schedule and denying yourself a break during the day will only drain you and lessen your quality of work. Allow yourself ample time to work with each patient, and invest in technology that will help you provide exceptional care.

DentiCalc 4in1 is an exceptional mobile application that will provide you with thousands of videos, photographs, and animations to help you explain treatment to your patients. This helps you spend less time explaining things chairside, allowing you to begin necessary treatment faster. It also helps your patient fully understand their recommended treatment, and serves as an excellent representation of your dedication to your patient’s comfort and involvement.

Navigating your first year as a dentist can be a bit tough, but following the tips you’ve learned here, you’ll be well-equipped.

DentiCalc was created for dental professionals like you to help break the barriers between dentist and patient.

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