Cloud-Based Tech For Your Dental Practice

Cloud-Based Tech For Your Dental Practice

If you’ve made the switch to working digitally in your dental practice, you may have found that it can be a headache to save and transfer data manually. Continue reading to learn how your dental practice can benefit from investing in cloud-based technology.

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What Is Cloud-Based Technology?

While most of us make use of the cloud in one form or another each day, the technology behind how the cloud operates is a mystery to many.

The efficiency and ease of use tends to make the cloud somewhat of a mythical force for many people; it’s likely that you’ve asked yourself at one point or another... What exactly is the cloud? How does it work?

The cloud is essentially just a specialized intelligent software that efficiently stores, maintains and transfers information. This software is known as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

It seems like it would be a complicated system, but it’s actually quite simple; the simplicity is perhaps the most appealing feature of the cloud.

Cloud-Based Tech For Your Dental Practice

Why Use Cloud-Based Dental Tech?

Ease of use and simplicity is often the best feature for most users, but there are plenty of benefits and advantages that can help you optimize the way you run your dental practice.

Benefits of cloud-based dental technology include:

  • Lower start up costs
  • Very little to no IT/maintenance costs
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Automatic backups - no data lost
  • Online training for employees anytime, anywhere
  • Manage software from anywhere you have internet connection

HIPAA regulations help ensure that all personal information is securely transferred, stored, and used at all times within your dental practice. It’s crucial to ensure that you are closely following guidelines as best as you possibly can to promote a HIPAA-compliant environment at all times.

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Personal Experience

When I worked as the lead dental assistant in a bustling office, I made use of the practice’s systems all day, every day.

When I first started, the office still ran on traditional, non-cloud dental software. While of course the software was efficient and did what it needed to do, we often ran into snags with losing data, wasting precious time for technical training, and had limited data storage.

While the software wasn’t exactly difficult to use, it was a bit tedious, and there was always the chance of losing or misplacing valuable data. The team would regularly undergo lengthy training sessions to ensure that everyone understood how to use the system, and IT/maintenance costs could stack up quickly, especially if the system was malfunctioning.

Cloud-Based Tech For Your Dental Practice

When we made the switch to using cloud-based software, it was a night and day difference. Our productivity greatly increased, because we were able to spend less time fussing with the system and taking time to manually save and transfer data. Operations were streamlined and simplified, and we had peace of mind knowing that all data entered into the system was secure and protected. No more time wasted on training sessions, and no more money spent on system maintenance and upkeep. Investing in cloud-based dental technology was likely one of the best decisions that our office made as a whole.

When you make the switch to cloud technology, you’ll soon find that operations in your dental practice have never been smoother. An investment in optimized software for your dental practice means an investment in daily operations as a whole, improving both employee and patient satisfaction.

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