Building Lasting Relationships with Your Patients

Building Lasting Relationships with Your Patients

The basis of good dentistry is a strong relationship with your patient. A personal connection with your patient will keep them returning to your office for years - if not for a lifetime. Continue reading to learn more about building lasting relationships with your dental patients.

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Strong Foundation

For many people, a trip to the dentist is an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience. Whether it stems from a past negative experience or a generalized anxiety or fear, it’s common for many people to avoid time in the dental chair unless absolutely necessary.

Getting to know your patients and building a relationship with them is a way to show them that you are more than just a white coat; you’re a caring professional who they can trust and respect.

This sets the tone for the rest of your working relationship with your patient, and it will build a strong foundation for what could potentially be a lifetime of continued dental care for your patient.

When your patient has confidence that you are attentive and responsive to their needs as a patient, they will be much more likely to be more motivated to attend their dental appointments as needed.

Building Lasting Relationships with Your Patients

Body Language & Social Cues

93% of communication is nonverbal. While you may think that you are accurately communicating with your patient by simply explaining treatment, they may feel that there was a lack of connection, which can make it difficult to interpret and prioritize the information that is being presented to them.

When speaking with your patient, be sure to never turn your back to them. Make eye contact as you speak with them, and be sure to maintain body language that shows that you are interested and invested in the conversation.

Maintain a friendly and positive tone as you discuss things, and be sure to stop and ask your patient if they have any comments or questions periodically. Be personable; while you want to sound professional, avoiding letting your personality show to your patient can cause you to come off a bit robotic, and may make it hard for your patient to connect with you.

Building Lasting Relationships with Your Patients

Thorough Consultations

In order to build trust with your patient, it’s crucial for them to fully understand their treatment plan. DentiCalc 4in1 can help you ensure that your patient fully understands each aspect of the treatment that you are recommending for them.

A simple verbal explanation may be fine for brushing the surface of treatment consultations with your patient, but for informative and immersive consultations that will truly resonate with your patient, it’s best to make use of visual aids during treatment planning.

With the use of DentiCalc’s intelligent mobile application, you can present your patient with informative videos, pictures, and animations that accurately present dental treatment methods in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. No matter the treatment that you have planned for your patient, DentiCalc has something that will help you provide a visual aid that will help them understand the importance of committing to the treatment they need.

Following the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to building strong and long-lasting relationships with your patients.

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